Tell Me How You Eat, And I Will Tell You Who You Are

Tell me how you’re eating to tell you who you are.

Naruru enters the kitchen of four of the most famous artists in the world.

We know their work and admire them, but we hardly know what the culinary preferences of the great names in contemporary art are. They often influence their style and are just as curious and unusual. That’s why we invite you to peer into the kitchens and studios of some of the most famous artists of modernity.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso is notorious for its insatiable appetite for female beauty, but when it comes to eating, we can say he is a supporter of the Mediterranean diet. The master of Cubism believed that his health and his ability to paint were closely related, and after his 50th year he followed a strict regime consisting of seafood, grapes and risotto. With them he only drank mineral water and milk. Picasso approached the food, as much as he cared for, devoting himself entirely, feeding himself in complete silence and rigor.

Captain Cook recommends for Picasso white mussels, gourd, served raw with lime

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David Lynch

The surreal scenarios and impressive paintings of the cult artist and cinematographer are fueled by his strong love for coffee and sweets. Not accidentally at Twin Peaks agent Dale Cooper is a real caffeine maniac who drinks a glass after a cup of coffee “black as midnight on a moonless night.” Lynch also has its own brand of coffee. David’s favorite sweets are those that surprise and connect opposites – hot pastries with icy ice cream or salty-sweet tastes.

Narru recommends for Maestro Lynch a crunchy hot cookie with pieces of melted Belgian chocolate served with cream ice cream

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Andy Warhol

The Sparta Guru has a special connection to the food. His famous Tomb Cannons with Campbell Tomato Soup, the banana of the cover that he painted for The Velvet Underground’s debut album … In his life he prefers sweet, fast and easy-to-eat foods. You often made a “sandwich” of two slices of white bread with all the chocolate among them, called it “cake”. He continually invited him to dinner at the finest New York restaurants, but he preferred to eat in places where real people could meet.

Narru recommends for Mr. Warhol roasted pumpkin served with honey and walnuts – quick, tasty, fresh.

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Marcel Duchamp

Like every Frenchman, the icon of Surrealism and Dadaism Marcel Duchamp was a connoisseur of delicious food. And of course – the cheese. Not accidentally during the Nazi occupation of France he pretends to be a cheese trader to cross the border and escape to the States. Among his favorite foods were chocolate, jerky and crispy fries, and almost every day he liked to dine a paste of butter and cheese.

Captain Cook recommends for Monsieu Duchamp the special fresh pasta with bananas, prepared directly in the Parmesan cake


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