Happy Voucher

Подарете “Happy” настроение на Вашите близки и приятели с ваучер за подарък “Happy”

Happy Voucher

Happy Gift Card is an e-voucher in the form of a card that may be spent in any Happy dining restaurant.

Our food voucher, unlike all other paper vouchers, may be used multiple times until it has a positive balance.

Meaning that if you have a voucher of BGN 50 you don’t have to spend it all at once. You can use your gift card multiple times as long as you have a positive balance.

Convenient, isn’t it?

The voucher is the perfect gift for your loved ones, staff and colleagues. Surprise your loved ones with a Happy adventure.

Our vouchers amount to BGN 30, BGN 50 or BGN 100.

Our Happy vouchers are available in all Happy Bar & Grill restaurants.

For more info, please, see our detailed terms for the purchase and use of Happy Gift Card.


Activate your Happy Gift Voucher


1. You can purchase Happy voucher in any Happy Bar & Grill restaurant in Bulgaria. You may load three different values - BGN 30, BGN 50 or BGN 100.

2. Your Happy voucher may be spent in all Happy dining restaurants except for Happy Buxton, located in Sofia, Manastirski livadi - Zapad complex, 53 Todor Kableshkov Blvd.

3. The value of the voucher that you may spend in the restaurants is shown on the reverse side of the voucher.

4. To spend your voucher, when asking for the bill you need to inform the waitress of your intention to pay using a Happy voucher. You will not be able to pay with a Happy voucher if you have failed to inform in advance before your bill is registered by the waitress and presented to your table.

5. If the payment amount is more than the voucher amount the difference is to be paid.

6. If the payment amount is less than the Happy voucher amount the remaining balance will stay and may be spend during your next visit to some of our restaurants. Happy voucher can be spent multiple times until it has a positive balance.

7. The voucher is valid for 3 calendar months starting from the activation date.

8. The balance under your Happy voucher cannot be transferred to another card or voucher, or exchanged for money. Any remaining balance is blocked with the expiry of the validity period.

9. If a Happy gift card (voucher) is damaged, the holder should contact Happy Bar & Grill by dialing 0884 990 900 or by mailing customerservice@happy.bg. After problem identification the client gets his/her card back.

10. Happy Bar & Grill is not held responsible should you fail to receive, for technical breakdown or other force majeure, our message sent to your contact e-mail the moment your Happy voucher is activated.

11. Happy Bar & Grill is not held responsible if your voucher is stolen, lost or destructed, or if used without your permission or knowledge.

12. Happy Bar & Grill has the full right to deactivate manually your Happy voucher if a theft or whatsoever other illegal manner of acquisition is suspected, or if illegally used in conflict to the general terms for the use of Happy vouchers.

13. Happy vouchers are issued by Happy EAD. The company reserves its right to change the general terms for activation and utilization.

14. Happy EAD has seat and management address in Varna, 25 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Company ID 103924544 and is registered as a personal data administrator under number 35374 (Certificate No.35374/22.07.2010 by the Commission for Personal Data Protection). We process personal data to enable direct contact with you. If when filling in your personal data you do not disclaim the receipt of advertising sms messages and e-mails, you will be sent such messages within the Personal Data Act. Your personal data will not be disclosed to any third parties, be it individuals or legal companies. At any moment you can disclaim the receipt of such messages or delete your information from our database by dialing 0884 995 837 or mailing customerservice@happy.bg. Your personal data will be stored and used by us for the above reasons until disclaimer by you. Happy EAD pays all efforts for the collection, processing and storage of your personal data while strictly observing the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.


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