35-37 Aleksandar Malinov Blvd., Sofia Reservation phone: 0700 20 888

Welcome to our newly opened restaurant member of Happy Bar & Grill – Happy Mladost. The restaurant accommodates 250 diners and it boasts modern and stylish decor. You are welcome to enjoy our cozy and delightful setting featuring also a cooking show zone showing live your food preparation. A large portion of meals is prepared in the Josper oven, the hottest indoor barbeque that preserves the nutritional value of ingredients to create the perfect foodie experience.

* The restaurant has a modern and cozy kid’s corner.

Opening hours for the kid’s corner:

Monday to Friday – 5pm to 11pm

Weekends – 11am to 11pm

Kid’s corner – BGN 4 for one hour, BGN 7 for two hours


You can book by phone every day until 6:00 pm
(* No booking is accepted between 18:00 and 00:00 hours)

Opening Hours:

From 11am to 10:30pm

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