The Most Infamous French Chefs

For the preparation of this material, we consulted the expert in the high kitchen not only as a practice but also as a theory – Captain Cook Chef Chief – Chief Slavi Buckov who told us about the 5 large French cuisine from the beginning of cooking today. Of course, in the modern pantheon of star chefs who have left their mark on the culinary map there are many more names, but we will talk about them in our next French articles. We record on a knee the story told by Bouchkov as he dug busily between the stations of the new Captain Cook’s kitchen at Narodno zhranienie Square.



It all started with Jean Briallat-Savarin

The imposition of modern gastronomy begins in France with the father of the term gourmet Jean Briallat-Savarin. With his work “Physiology of Taste” (1825), he places culinary work alongside science such as biology, chemistry and physics. Though professionally a judge of him owes the great phrases such as “Tell me what you eat to tell you what you are,” and “The animals are eating, the person eats, but the educated only feeds …” Although recognized as the world’s first culinary book, it does not contain any recipe. It is filled with reflections, observations and anecdotes. Today it is considered part of the classics of French literature.



In the beginning was “Haute Cuisine”

In the 17th of the 18th century the so-called Haute Cuisine or “Superior Kitchen,” which was designed for the backyard, but soon leaves its outline. The beginning of this trend is associated with the name of Marie Antoine Carreme, the first chef to become world famous for his remarkable culinary masterpieces. It is to him that we should be grateful to discover the tempting delicious cakes. The father of the cake is called the chef of kings and chefs, paying great attention to the type of his dishes. He received inspiration from the most famous and famous buildings in the world he tried to reproduce in his culinary art. Another master of the same period is La Varain, who is also attributed the authorship of the first book of recipes published in France. This marks the beginning of a change in the style of cooking from the Middle Ages to new techniques aimed at making lighter meals.


„The New Cuisine” of Michel Gerard

In the 17th century, France laid the foundations of yet another trend in the Cuisine – Nouvelle Cuisine. New products come up with the Great Geographical Discoveries and give birth to the modern, experimental kitchen where the dishes are lightened, the flour attached to the main sauces, the use of aromatic herbs and spices is intensified, and finally there is an elegant but simple food with an impressive taste. The very term Nouvelle Cuisine was established in the 20th century thanks to Michel Gerard, who developed many of the modern cooking techniques.




The modern French cuisine…

The end of the 19th century of the 20th century is the period of rapid development of French culinary. It is associated with the famous gourmet Georges Escoboe, who is considered the father of modern French cuisine.

Master of the Upper Kitchen, Escoghee develops and develops some of Karem’s techniques and quickly brings him glory among the distinguished men who queue to dinner at his restaurant. He has modified the five basic sauces and has created the “kitchen brigade” that is still used in restaurants these days.

Escofie and Caesar Ritz’s co-operation has led to the creation of the Ritz chain, and French cuisine has gained global influence.

Through its famous chefs, France, and Paris in particular, become the gourmet capital of the world. In the 20th century there were established the leading trends in the culinary art and its founding principles: meat-based food, marked diversity; lots of meals, but small portions, sweets and desserts followed by cheese and fruit.



Gastronomy, of course, has not stopped developing. A great contribution to this is why there is one legend – Paul Bocuse, again a Frenchman.

Apart from knowing the classical cuisine and skillfully developing modern French cuisine, he trains some of the most award-winning and renowned chefs in Europe and the United States.

Not surprisingly, in 2011, The Culinary Institute of America handed him the most prestigious award – “Master Chef of the Century”.

Alain Ducas is another French chef, who has written his name in gold letters in history. He is the first to have 3 restaurants awarded with 3 Michelin stars. Deucas himself won 21 Michelin stars during his long career.

These achievements, of course, are not accidental. His contribution is widely recognized for his avant-garde solutions in the kitchen and the application of molecular gastronomy. Alain Dukas is one of the modern innovators who has been creating innovative culinary trends for many years and inspiring other chefs to improvise, develop themselves, and culinary art.

Today the gourmet works of these prominent chefs are being studied at the culinary institutes in Europe and the US, and their influence can be seen at almost every table we sit on.