Pump’kin Baked

Pump’kin Baked

About Pumpkin, Halloween and Fashion



Pumpkin is essentially health in the form of a dessert. It is the perfect fruit – starting with the mood and coziness, the delicate flavor that perfectly combines with sugar, honey, cinnamon, vanilla cream and nuts and comes to its wonderful consistency.

With a little more imagination, pumpkin can create culinary miracles, in return we get a boosted immune system and low blood pressure.

Pumpkin contains potassium, sodium, magnesium and valuable vitamins, which help for fresh tan and radiant skin. Pumpkin diet is a perfect option for people who want to lose weight by a few pounds and simultaneously improve their health.

If you sweeten it with a spoonful of honey, instead of sugar you will cleanse your body for only a week. It requires a little movement and abundant fluid consumption.


The Festival

We relate the Halloween holiday with scary suits, sweets and a big party, but what’s the real story behind that day?

It is interesting and rooted in ancient times when people believed that the night before Halloween the dead returned to the earth as wandering spirits. To keep them away from their homes, they left food and wine on the doorstep.

However, people were afraid that the spirits could penetrate their houses and drag them into the realm of the dead, so they wore masks to confuse the spirits.

The Christian church turned Samhain into All Saints Day in the eighth century. Over the course of time, the celebration has taken its present name Halloween.

Today Halloween is the second most popular Christmas holiday after Christmas. Americans spend over 2 billion dollars for suits and another 4 billion for sweets and sweets in just one day.

The Fashion

The key to the perfect Halloween outfit is to use things from your own wardrobe by imagining and dressing as you dare not do at the rest of the year. This season fashion trends are blessed for Halloween style to keep up with fashion and to merge with the celebrities. Our Narru Board – save time and money to choose a suit that is only up to date for one season and dive deep into your wardrobe and imagination – you can still get out of there as a beautiful but bad girl.

Masculine girl: Following fashion trends, you can safely take a stylish black suit borrowed from a man’s wardrobe, wearing it naked, with only a tie, combining it with surprising jewelery, low-grade shoes and wet hair styles.

Retro Breeze: 
Retro vision is especially relevant for the season. If you want to be in Sweet Lolita style, find a point blouse, skirt and ballerin shoes. Roll your hair on rollers to enjoy gentle and tidy buckles. Put on tempting artificial eyelashes, eye line and pink lipstick, and for the finish of the vision – tie a scarf instead of a ribbon with a large ribbon on the top of the head.

The Good College Girl: 
Many designers have paid attention to the traditional college style in their latest collections. Take advantage of the trends to get back to school for a day. Choose low shoes, socks to the knee, a skirt and a closed shirt with a collar. The hair can be braided in two braids or tied in tails.


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