Love And Wine – A Couple Doomed Into Eternity

How much does a second last?

Perhaps, the moment when the bottle puts the corkscrew into freedom and makes that cracking sound of satisfaction. Satisfaction that we will soon be touching either the truth or the blessed timelessness that wine brings.

It takes so much for someone to look at another. The exact look. One second and you already know that there is only one truth and you want to stay with her in blissless time. How much they look like wine and love!

Alcoholic content enough to blur the judgment to keep you in that area where it is not right and wrong, to triple the feeling of good and bad, of pleasure and agony.

A taste that is not for everyone, but everyone has the right flavor. Cute, bitter, tart or a combination of everything. Couple of emotions and a series of shades.

A man who is wrapped up as a vineyard around the other because he only lives and grows. Year after year, season after season well-loved love gives the best harvest.

You can not make wine without care and attention. And love is like unfinished grapes, if there are no hands to reach it if there is no respect and tenderness to irrigate its soil. And do you imply it for granted, it becomes everyday instead of a holiday, you are has become an alcoholic who does not deserve the wine he drinks. Because every sip is a gift – like every breath taken and every opening of the eyes.

But temptation and intoxication go hand in hand with both wine and love. To be sober is not at all poetic, but to be constantly drunk is somehow tragic. True happiness is in that golden environment of slightly conscious intoxication, when once you have your senses and feelings, then you have everything.

And if you’re one of those lucky ones to experience this one second with the popping sound of the corkscrew that reminds you of the sound when your heart opens to another, then drink this evening!

If you are one of those who, in a sip of wine, can find the bliss of taste and smell, then you know what it is like to be alive and drink this evening!

If you are one of those who have a strange cup in which to strike theirs and this ring, accompanied by a silent look, says a lot more than a thousand words, then drink this evening!

Love and wine – a couple connected in eternity. If you are one of those who have found their place in this eternity, drink this evening!

Cheers! For a good year!