Happy Trends: The Hottest Trends In Nutrition For 2019

Every year, global nutrition experts unite around leading trends and present us with the world’s “most delicious” predictions. After 2018 underwent environmental awareness, preventing waste products through their full recovery and recycling, the new year is taking another step forward in the cause of food..


Food hacking

Pizza with cauliflower dough, zucchini spaghetti, broccoli rice, corn chips, banana ice cream and avocado – we will increasingly find similar food examples where less healthy ingredients are replaced by richer and protein-rich and calorie-less products. Besides interesting, delicious and useful, these dishes are also very entertaining.



Healthy plate

Live bacteria and yeasts – in 2019 We will hear about probiotics more and more often, not in the form of pills, but as part of the composition of various foods. Our stomach and skin will thank us every time we reach functional probiotic ingredients such as garnet, oatmeal, nut oils, and protein bars. T. “Probiotic integration” is a hot trend in nutrition and yogurt will have serious competition, but we can safely stick to the good Bulgarian classics.


The new green: hemp

Hemp seeds and oils are nothing new for lovers of healthy eating and body care. They are found in many foods – from waffles to dried pasta. But for 2019, experts predict that the list of hemp products will expand and we will begin to see them even more often. Ignore the one-sided reputation of this plant and appreciate its numerous nutritional benefits.


Mushroom Revolution

Mushrooms not only give us the smoke (the fifth taste), but they are also a dietary, satiating and interesting food. It is not by accident that they will be the “primacy” of the food scene in 2019. We will see them in a variety of ways, and we will become acquainted with new species – both local and more exotic like Sheetake, Enoki, Portobello. It is worth noting that mushrooms are the only source of vitamin D in the plant kingdom.


The secret sauce

This year the culinary people rediscover the sumac spice. Rich in antioxidants and with exotic notes, we will meet it more often in salads, marinades and sauces. The taste of the sumac is specific and addictive, and you will not soon imagine how you lived without it.



Sweet temptation

We all love chocolate and we know about the miracles it makes for our mood and taste buds. This year, however, we will have to appreciate it even more as the delicacy that is. The reason is that more than half of the world’s cocoa production comes from West Africa, where farmers are struggling with a bad harvest. Because of the deficit, the price of chocolate is expected to double in the next five years. Another reason not to miss an opportunity to enjoy it.


Bye-bye, smoothies

This year the reign of trouble will be replaced by good old soups. They were fresh as a tattoo and gaspacho, or a warm food embrace like classic chicken or cream soup, they deservedly returned to the center of our attention. Applauded by nutritionist specialists who recommend eating them as often as possible, soups conserve the stomach and provide both hydration and satiety.


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