* Цените важат само за услугата "С Хепи на път"

Quickly, Easy, Tasty

What is Happy on the road?
The Happy on the road program was created especially for you - our customers, who often travel across the country and visit our restaurants. With this program you can use bonus discounts up to 15%, order special menus at special prices for your journey, make an order even before you arrive at the restaurant, get your food directly in your car, pay at “store” prices when ordering food on the go.

Gaining bonus discounts
When eating at our roadside restaurants you accrue a 10% bonus of your current consumption on your card. If your bills in our roadside restaurants for a 6-month period are worth BGN 500, your bonus will increase to 15%. It can stay in your card or it can be used at your next visit to the roadside restaurants to pay for the food and drinks.

If your bill is BGN 40, a bonus of BGN 4 is automatically accrued to your card. It can be used at your next visit to one of our roadside restaurants or accumulated in order to use a greater discount later on.

When the holder of the loyalty card asks for the bill, they should give their card to the waitress in order to register their bonus.
If the card has not been used for longer than a year, the bonus accumulated on it will be lost.

On the road combos
You can order combo menus only if you are a Happy on the road cardholder and only at Happy’s roadside restaurants. The menus include dishes and drinks suitable for consumption in a vehicle. Quickly! Easy! Tasty!

Make an order on the go
Every cardholder is given a mini roadside restaurant menu. It offers dishes from the Happy on the road program, together with phone numbers of the roadside restaurants. Thus you have the opportunity to order before you even arrive at the restaurant, and when you are there, the waitress will bring your meal directly to the vehicle. Quickly! Easy! Tasty!

“Store” prices
Each member of the Happy on the road club has the opportunity to buy drinks for their journey at same prices like in the local store. Quickly! Easy! Tasty!

How to become a Happy on the road cardholder?
You can ask the waitress in each of our roadside restaurants for our loyal package that includes a magnetic card, a data form and a roadside restaurant menu. After filling out the form and submitting it to our waitress you are already a member of the Happy on the road program. Quickly! Easy! Tasty!

Happy Bar & Grill reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the Happy on the road loyalty program. The loyalty card is issued to companies and individuals over 18 years. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, you should call 0886 000 700 or contact us at customerservice@happy.bg, and it will be reissued.