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HAPPY BAR & GRILL Kableshkov

Happy Kableshkov opened on November 27, 2010 It is located in the Sofia district Manastirski Livadi on the ground floor of shopping center Friends on nearly 700 square meters. The interior is completely different from the other restaurants in the chain. The designers’ new concept is based on red accents, paneling on the walls in a dark chocolate color and a seats made of luxurious leather. The restaurant is equipped with powerful sound system. Lighting that is imported from the U.S., is unique, with extremely irregular shape and unusual opportunities for directing light rays. Happy Kableshkov has a large parking lot and the restaurant can accommodate up to 170 people inside and 120 outside.

Opening hours: every day from 11:00 to 23:00
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The bar have this menu
Sofia, 53 Todor Kableshkov blvd, For Reservations: 0700 20 888