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Happy Beef fillet with garnish
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Have you tried the new Happy beef fillets? If you haven’t now you are able to do it only in Happy Bar & Grill because we are the only chain in Bulgaria that offers this meat.
Very tender beef fillets of subcostal meat served with a garnish:
Risotto with bacon, mushrooms and dried tomatoes
Mashed potatoes with parsley
Potatoes sauteed with stewed onions.
Now you can try it in Happy Rubin, Happy B...more ›
State AA power championship
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Three of the best Hungarian players arrive in Burgas for the third round of the state AA power championship. Guinness recorder Akush Nagy, the Hungarian champion in 2009 Raimund Meng and the bronze medalist at the World Cup to 105 kg. Hoynal Tomas will join for the second time this year the national championship. The competition was on August 6 at Troika Square, Burgas.

Against the Hungarian...more ›
Happy Sushi Kempinski
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А new Happy Sushi restaurant opened in the garden of Kempinski Hotel Zografski - Sofia. The restaurant has 70 indoor seats and twice as many around the unique garden lake. The restaurant was opened with a blessing and welcomed the Japanese cuisine fans in early July.
Can you imagine having lunch or dinner in such a romantic setting?
Surrounded by the amazing greenery, you will drift away to a ...more ›
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In August, you can try chilled watermelon served with or without cheese, as well as fresh watermelon juice in all Happy restaurants. This will load your body with all the nutrients you need during the summer months.

Very tempting are also the sweet and aromatic melons. And they are very healthy too, due to their micro-elements contents (potassium, magnesium and calcium), vitamins A and C,...more ›
Happy Sushi in space
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The Happy Sushi logo "traveled" on the last mission of the space shuttle “Invader”, which concluded its participation in NASA’s Space Shuttle program. “Invader”s astronauts have traveled in space four times.

The restaurant’s logo was one of the 128 940's "travellers" in the mission - names and photos from around the world. NASA issued a flying certificate "Face in Space", which certif...more ›
Ishtar in her favorite Bulgarian restaurant chain
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The world-famous ethno singer Ishtar Alabina chose "Happy" to try some of her favorite dishes during her Bulgaria tour. After her concert tomorrow evening in Bourgas and before her last concert in Plovdiv on June 6th, Ishtar and her team will be eating at our restaurants. At “Happy” Bourgas was prepared a special surprise for the singer - her favorite dessert - watermelon with Bulgarian white c...more ›