About The Women In Business

Teodora Popova, the CEO of “Happy Bar & Grill”, answers the questions of 4 well-known successful men for the role of women in business:

Томислав Дончев.: Does the gender matter?

Теодора Попова: Thank God, yes, just as much as the education, origin, intellect, character and luck does. I think it is wonderful that we are born different and I was never being hindered by the fact my gender wears a skirt. Of course, I do understand that we are privileged to live in a society where being a woman does not mean having less opportunities for development.

It may sound too emancipated, but I think that if a person wants to work and prosper, the gender is the last obstacle to it.


Peter Andonov: Behind every successful man stands a strong woman. What stands behind every successful woman?

Teodora Popova: There is at least one man who has said her that she will not be able to carry all the watermelons under one arm. . . Success is a very complex concept and I have always considered it as a set of conditions that make people strong, positive and full with energy to do new things. The important word here is balance, success means finding the right balance which will give you stability. Besides work, family and friends, I think for most of the people this means the opportunity to enjoy the achievements, not just to pursue goals at all costs.


Vladimir Nikolov: How do you fill the empty spaces in communication with your child due to the lack of time because of the work?


Teodora Popova: By striving for the time we spend together to be really important for both of us. My son is currently a teenager and this is the age when to communicate with your child at the best way, you must be a less parent and more an interesting person and a friend. This contact is a real challenge, because we the parents , are the ones who have to give up and accept the fact that our children no longer belong to us the way we are used to it. When we are together , I try to tell him inspirational stories, meet him with interesting people, go together to beautiful places, watch worthwhile movies.


Zachari Karabashliev: What do you believe in?

Teodora Popova: I believe in God. Otherwise, I am confident that generosity is the key to both personal satisfaction and success in business. I’m sure generous brands that give more than promise and strive always to add value to their customers and partners, are the truly successful brands.


This interview is a part of the project of the “Manager” magazine – “Woman of today”.

The entire interview, as well as other interesting materials can be found in the special edition of the “Manager” magazine.


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