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Заповядайте в ресторантите на Happy Bar & Grill, където по стара традиция подаряваме коледна топка за елха на всеки наш клиент със сметка над 20 лв.more ›
"Manager" magazine competition
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Orlin Popov, General manager of the restaurant chain "Happy" and "Happy Sushi", is ranked in the top 10 of the best Bulgarian managers.He went through three stages of the competition.He was awarded for one of the the best entrepreneurs of the year.more ›
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TRY OUR NEW MENU "HAPPY" in the following restaurants:

26.10.2012 - Bulgaria - "Happy" hotel Orbita, Plovdiv - "Happy" Bulgaria Hotel.

27/10/2012 - Roadside restaurants - highway Trakia ( Radinovo village).

10/29/2012 - Ruse "Happy", Burgas - "Happy" hotel Bulgaria,"Happy" Hotel Plovdiv - bul.Mendeleev 2B, Plovdiv - "Happy" Vasil Levski 2, Sofia-"Happy" Stamboliyski Blvd 111, Sofia-"Happy"...more ›
Champion men's tennis tournament "Happy Open" 2012
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The team of National Sports Academy became state champion in men's tennis tournament Happy Open 2012 tennis courts of BNTC "Carlsberg". Alexander Lazov, Valentin Dimov and Nikolay Argirov with captains Tsvetanka Zecharieva and Ivan Dimov, won the final 2-0 TC "Levski".more ›
Bartender in "Happy" won first place
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Encho Georgiev, bartender at Happy, won first place in a national competition in traditional serving of beer "Stella Artois" in 9 steps. It will represent Bulgaria in the World Cup in Montreal, Canada, in late October.more ›
Happy hosted the first ever competition on "forking"
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Happy restaurant at Rakovski Str. in Sofia hosted the first ever competition on "forking", where the participants were fans of the chain of all ages.
12 couples took part in "The forking competition": best friends, a mother and daughter couple, fellow students. Everyone received prizes and gifts from Happy.
Many passers-by were attracted by the noisy crowd and entered the restaurant to try their...more ›