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„Така можем само вкъщи”
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Така можем само вкъщи
1.1. Настоящият документ съдържа условията за провеждане и участие в играта „Така можем само вкъщи” /наричана по долу за краткост &bd...more ›
Happy & MasterChef!
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Happy & MasterChef!
Dear friends, today starts the second season of our favorite culinary show MasterChef . With pleasure we accepted to be partners of MasterChef and help the new generation of culinary stars to realize their dream. MasterChef has partnered with some of the best, prestigious restaurants around the world.
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The annual awards ReZZo.bg 2015
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After Oscars for best film for 2015 is the turn for Oscars for best restaurants of the most popular Bulgarian system for restaurant reservations - ReZZo.bg. The restaurants that received one star ReZZo 2015 are Happy Center Plovdiv , Happy Lozenets , Lyulin Happy , Happy of Kableshkov, Victoria Happy, Happy Happy Center Varna Mladost (these are the most popular restaurants in ReZZo.bg...
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Homemade lasagna
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Varna have a new offer for you ! Only in Happy Orbita and Happy Yan Palah : Homemade lasagna - cochni , fine bark that literally melts in the mouth, between which hid delicious stuffing !
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Happy and Coca-Cola Christmas Parade 2015
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Christmas miracles began on December 13 ! We leave in 13 hours from the pedestrian area of the country on " Patriarch Evtimiy " continue in the corner of the street " Karnigradska " and stop for a big party in the square "Sveta Nedelya" . Of course, throughout the route will be happy surprises festive band , Santa Claus , Snow White , gifts and very, very good mood.

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BHRA -Award for most successfully growing restaurant chain in 2015
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BHRA -Award for most successfully growing restaurant chain in 2015

For the 19th time , on 1 December , in hotel "Balkan" , Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA ) presented its annual awards for professional achievements in the field of hotel and restaurant management. BHRA selects winners of the most prestigious and long-standing awards in tourism, which are part of the most...more ›