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Happy CUP 2011
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Today we are starting the eleventh tennis tournament for amateur couples - Happy CUP.

The Happy CUP initiative is part of the policy of the restaurant chain Happy to promote the healthy lifestyle by participating, organizing and supporting many sport initiatives. The tournament will be held in Varna, on the courts of TC "Elite Cherno more".
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The third annual ranking Lovemarks was concluded in mid-April with the election of 25 favorite brands in 25 categories. This year in the three stages of Internet voting participated nearly 13,000 people – twice more than last year. Happy Bar & Grill was the convincing winner in the “Restaurants” category.

Happy Bar & Grill has got 17 years of experience on the Bulgarian market and manages ...more ›
Football Forecast for Cold Beer!
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Come watch the football leagues in our restaurants.
Everyone who guessed the final score of the match wins a coupon for 5 free large tap beers.

How does it work?
• Fill in the coupon with your forecast for the regular time score, adding your full name, signature and date.
• Give it to the waitress, not later than 10 minutes after the match starts.
• If your forecast is correct, ask for your...more ›
Did you try the new strawberry menu at “Happy Bar & Grill”?
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Start your day with a coffee and... mini pancakes with strawberries. Imagine a nice warm spring day, the scent of flowers and. .. strawberries. Get ready for a full energy recharge just by drinking fresh strawberry juice or a strawberry shake in "Happy" restaurants. After this your day will be even better...

If you cannot live without sweets, here's a real temptation for you:

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Happy Victoria
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On the 7th of April, 2011, a new restaurant from the Happy chain, called "Happy Victoria", was officially opened in Sofia.. Its cozy atmosphere will make you feel really special. Plenty of aquariums with exotic fish will contribute to the unique experience. In addition to Happy’s typical specialties and tempting skewers, you can also enjoy our unique sushi made by true masters of the Japanese c...more ›
Happy Rock Bar & Grill Barcelona!
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In Barcelona was officially opened the second restaurant from the “Happy Bar & Grill” chain, called HAPPY ROCK Bar & Grill. The new restaurant occupies the entrance of Europe’s latest must-see attraction – the biggest Rock Music Museum, which opened its doors on the same day.

HAPPY ROCK restaurant is located on the fourth floor of Barcelona’s stunning new shopping center called “Aren...more ›