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Favorite brand of Bulgarian consumers in 2011
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We won "Favorite brand" award of the Bulgarian consumer in "Fast food chain" category for fourth consecutive year.

You, our clients are to be “blamed” for this award, so we dedicate it to you.

Thank you for your trust and support!

Be Happy :)
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Zoltan in Happy Novotel
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World famous Hungarian stunt Zoltan was VIP guest at Happy Novotel Plovdiv before his demo show on the territory of the Plovdiv Fair. He demonstrated a unique feature - riding a bike in opposite direction on one tire. He is the first to perform this stunt in the world and only 4 more people can do it. In Happy Zoltan ordered a chiken bon fillet with parmesan and he remained extremely pleased...more ›
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Bulgarian fast food chain HAPPY, removed from the first position the former leader in the category "Restaurants and caffeteries" McDonalds, these are the results of recent research by Superbrands - an independent international institution focused on branding. It features exclusive and popular brands that stand out and dominate above all others in the National market. The expert jury of...more ›
Спечели 10 бутилки вино за консумация в Хепи
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Скъпи приятели от понеделник (19.12.2011 г.) стартира новата промоция на Хепи и Домейн Бойар, с която трима от вас имат възможността да спечелят по 10 бутилки вино за консумация в ресторантите Happy Bar & Grill.

С всяка закупена бутилка вино 750 мл. от...more ›
Komitsite in Happy
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Аs one of the official sponsors of the tour of "Komitsite" this summer, Happy has the pleasant task to strengthen the hunger of our friends from the show. They eat in our restaurants before and after each performance.more ›
Happy Beef fillet with garnish
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Have you tried the new Happy beef fillets? If you haven’t now you are able to do it only in Happy Bar & Grill because we are the only chain in Bulgaria that offers this meat.
Very tender beef fillets of subcostal meat served with a garnish:
Risotto with bacon, mushrooms and dried tomatoes
Mashed potatoes with parsley
Potatoes sauteed with stewed onions.
Now you can try it in Happy Rubin, Happy B...more ›